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Ithikos culture

About Ithikos

Our vision

Give meaning. Optimise performance

Our Mission

Accelerate value creation for High Performance SME through both organic growth and acquisitions. Save time by transferring the expertise and experience gained within well-known multinational companies. We share a constructive vision about the role of the company within society while advocating a culture of sustainable results. Because a High Performance SME is more than the innovative product it offers. It is also the place and the source of shared values, of passion and inspiration.


They are the fruit of our experience, our sensibilities and are expressed through our working method:

  • People create companies and the products that define them.
  • High value-added products result from outstanding expertise.
  • Seek synergies between companies that share the same values.
  • Analysis of results enables ongoing improvement.
  • Sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the only way to square success with respect for the world we live in.
  • Authenticity and simplicity provide strength and consistency.



Interview with Pierre Bouaziz · General Manager of ALTIN C.M.S.

Pierre Bouaziz tells us about his experience with Ithikos in his process of implementing methodology and strategic vision for his technology company.