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Ithikos Consulting

    Walk like in a dream
    This first post of the year is dedicated to all
    those who like to walk to
    get to know each other better!
    We bring
    to SMEs
    Because a High Performance SME is not just a reflection
    of the innovative product it offers.
    It is also the place and source of shared values,
    passion and inspiration.
    Pierre Bancon - Founder / General Manager Ithikos

We are Ithikos

We accelerate value creation for High Performance SME's.
Our goal is to make them gain time transferring know-how and experience
acquired in recognized multinational companies.

Comprehensive professional experience

Multiple sectors. High value-added premium products

Two-fold expertise

Culture of demanding and highly-structured multinational corporations. Understanding of High Performance SME.

Bespoke services

Determined “ad hoc” based on your specific needs and priorities. Involvement in your company.

France / Spain

Two markets and fully integrated cultures.

Our blog

News and editorials

In this space we would like to share concerns, ideas and stories. Things that draw our attention and allow us to engage in a debate with our readers. Do not hesitate to give your opinion; the richness of the debate, always constructive, elevates the mind and the business vision.
Our blog is available in French and Spanish.

Marcher comme dans un rêve
Ce premier blog 2020 est dédié à tous ceux qui aiment marcher pour mieux se connaître!
“O Captain! My Captain!”
Nous voilà donc pour ce dernier blog 2019, alors que nous allons bientôt célébrer en famille les fêtes de Noël et cel
Show me the money!
Cette thématique de blog sera traitée en deux parties : Une maintenant, la suivante avec mon billet de Décembre q
Etes-vous une marque émotionnelle ?
Le consommateur se retrouve chaque jour devant une offre de plus en plus large et pléthorique.

Our White Papers


We are in favor of sharing knowledge and resources. For this reason, you can consult our white papers free of charge and after registration. Here you will be able to learn how we approach projects in Ithikos, propose solutions, as well as our vision of the latest market trends.
Available in French, Spanish and English.


For High Performance SME, how do you achieve distribution that is consistent with its products and which adds value?


Mergers & Acquisitions for High Performance SME: Why, in what context, and how to complete one successfully?


Social networks and Digital Marketing: A major opportunity to increase visibility and generate sales.


Omnichannel, social networks and 360º customer management: The fundamental transformation of modern sales forces.


Management and High Performance SME: Vision, values, network organization for sustainable growth of teams, revenue and results.

What do they say about Ithikos?


Meet the clients with whom we have already worked. Here you will find their testimonies. What a client says of us is, after all, the best mirror for our organization.

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